Frozen Detox for Body Detox 60 Capsules

Frozen Detox for Body Detox 60 Capsules

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Improve your overall health with Gluta Frozen Frozen Detox. This dietary supplement is rich in antioxidants and fibre which helps flush out toxins from your system and burns fat.

  • Made with 100% organic herbs
  • Burns fat and flushes out toxins

Category : Weight Loss
Size : 60 Pills
Made In : Thailand
Shipping : 2 - 3 Business Days (in Pakistan)
Availability : In Stock

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Product Description

Frozen Detox Weight Loss Capsules

Buy Frozen Detox Weight Loss Capsules online from time medical and get genuine products at low price all over Pakistan. 

What it does

Think of Frozen Detox as a dietary supplement for body detoxification. It contains herbal extracts to balance out the excretory system, reduce belly fat, promote a flat stomach, and firm up the body. Add it to your water or smoothies in the morning, or whenever you want to feel refreshed.


  •     1) Fat Burn.
  •     2) To digest food fast
  •     3) Diet, reduce weight without Exercise
  •     4) Reducing the whole body fat is interesting
  •     5) Build beautiful figures
  •     6) May reduce weight by 8-10 kg in 30 days
  •     7) Control the formation of new fat
  •     8) Reduce the blood lipid
  •     9) Blood circulation will stimulate
  •     10) The balance of the direct components will nourish
  •     11) Reduce the fat of the whole body.

How to Use

 For NORMAL TRACK, Take 2 Capsules with a glass of warm water before lunch. Please drink plenty of water throughout the day.

For FASTER TRACK, you can take up 4 Capsules a day. (2 Capsules before breakfast and 2 Capsules before lunch) avoid taking at night time because it might trouble your sleep.

1 review for "Frozen Detox for Body Detox 60 Capsules"

Nida Khan - Jun-26-2023

It really work. I would recommend it.

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