VIP Royal Honey In Pakistan

VIP Royal Honey In Pakistan

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Rs 8000

So Royal Honey VIP is here for you ,a mixture of excellent natural treatments with rare and very effective extracts that help with many diseases, primarily hypertension, high cholestrol , accumulated fats, arthritis, constipation, colitis, urinary tract infections, women diseases, and erectile dysfunction.

Category : Health & Beauty
Size : 12 Sachets
Made In : Malaysia
Shipping : 2 - 3 Business Days (in Pakistan)
Availability : In Stock

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Product Description


It is well known that key global companies have their own brands. Similarly, our Roya honey for him is widely acclaimed and trusted both by our company and customers. Having been enhanced with rare extracts and substances which provide the most advanced solutions in physiotherapy, the therapeutic value of the product has greatly doubled as it treats a wide range of illnesses. therefore, Royal Honey VIP is, by all means, the perfect natural solution to be appreciated by those who realize that health is priceless.

1 review for "VIP Royal Honey In Pakistan"

najeeb - Jun-25-2023

This actually works and i love this product a lot

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